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Starch Mixing System/Glue Kitchen

Creators Automation is a client-centric company focused on machinery development and service. Their product includes fully automatic starch mixing system/Glue Kitchen.


Starch mixing systems/glue kitchen is designed with the newest mixing process with viscosity control technology. The corrugated process is benefited with the auto supply of stable, powerful, and economical native starch glues.


Currently, the Creators' starch mixing system/glue kitchen is further upgraded by implanting the two kinds of mixing system, carrier & non-carrier. With the viscosity control technology, our starch mixing system can mix stable and powerful native starch glue with very stable viscosity.

The key concept of starch mixing system are,

1. Viscosity detect and control;

2. Multi mixing processes selection;

3. Improving production capacity;

4. Cost-reducing.


If you are looking for a solution to improve your production quality by changing starch mixing system/glue kitchen. We as Creators' exclusive agent in Thailand, we will do our best to service you. Please contact us for further information.

For more information on the Thailand market,

please contact us for more detail, +66 633137168

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