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Wastewater Treatment Machine

CHENGDU RUILING ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (CRT) is one of the domestic pioneers who began to research and develop glue making technology and equipment in 2001. After years of development, CRT has been an international famous equipment manufacture for professional corrugated cardboard packaging industry.

With over 20-years of experience in this field of corrugated plant, we decide to develop the machine for ink wastewater treatment. We have been working with plant operators, water treatment operators, to overcome critical challenges such as pH control, BOD, COD, SS and odors. Now CRT would like to present you our ink wastewater treatment machine.

Comparison with the obsolete wastewater treatment system,

1. Faster processing; 1~30 tons per day.

2. Precise adding amount; no more waste on chemical cost;

3. Cleaner working environment, no more blackness floor;

4. It only takes small area; more space for other purposes.

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